Organic Chemistry Principles In Context

-> The Book starts with : " Both cellulose and strach are polymers". 

 Chapter 1 : From Cellulose and Strach to the Principles of Structure and Stereochemistry.

 Chapter 2: A Survey of Experiments Usually Performed by Chemists to Understand the Structures of Organic Molecules.

 Chapter 3: From Galactosemia to the Properties of Six Membered Rings. 

 Chapter 4: Understanding Carbocations 

 Chapter 5: Carbocations in living Processes   

 Chapter 6: Aromatic 

  Chapter 7: Fatty Acid Catabolism and the Chemistry of the Carbonyl Group 

 Chapter 8: Carbanions and Carbonyl Chemistry 

 Chapter 9: Investigation the Properties of Addition and Condensation Polymers 

  Chapter 10: The Industrial Road toward Increasing Efficiency in the Synthesis of Hexam ethylene Diaminne 

Chapter 11: Much can be Learned about Organic Chemistry from the Study of Natural Rubber and Other elasters 

 Chapter 12: Synthesis ( Part 1 and Part 2 )

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