You’re using Kine Master in your Android Phone. You know that Kine Master is Best tool for Editing Videos in your mobile Phone.  I’ll introduce you with Kine Master mobile video editing tool.


Kine Master

                          Kine Master is a professional mobile video editing tool. Simple User Interface easy to use. I’ll guide you how to use Kine Master step by step then we will discuss about how to use Kine Master in PC. 



 Kine Master’s interface is so easy to understand and you won’t get confused everything is clearly mentioned. Following steps will let you know how to use Kine Master –

n  First you have to open the app.

n  Then, you have to click on + Create New Button.  


n  After clicking on Create New Button a new window will be open, this window is to select Aspect Ratio for your videos you have to choose one of them. 



You will get two more options for your video one is selection by Photo Display Mode and other is selection by Photo Duration. Aspect Ratio Size – 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 4:5, 2.35:1. Photo Display Mode – Fit, Fill and Random and In Photo Duration you can select any time for your video you want to start with like – 3.9s (Seconds). Select whatever you need and import the project.



n  Now you have to choose Videos/Pictures from your Media browser you want to edit.



n  After choosing media you can edit your project. After editing you have to save it that’s it.





Now we will talk about how to use Kine Master in PC. To use Kine Master in your PC you have to download an android emulator in your PC first. There are many android emulator in the market. You can use one of android emulator for your PC whatever you like. I’ll suggest you to use Blue Stacks one of my favourite android emulator for PC.


Download android emulator (Blue Stacks) and install it in your PC. After Installing android emulator in your PC start it, After starting you will see an Android interface in your PC. Log in your Gmail account and install Kine Master from Play Store in your android emulator. After installing you can use Kine Master in your PC.


Pros - Big Screen Editing, easy to use controls.


Cons – Android emulator is kinda slow to use. Not easy to save your project in your PC.


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